Running a transparent and trusted business means keeping shareholders, owners, management and other important stakeholders informed about key developments in your organisation

Depending on the size and type of your business, you may need to prepare an annual report. Using our proactive and insightful approach, we'll make sure that you can deliver comprehensive and accurate reports to stakeholders.

An up-to-date financial system will provide you a proper insight into your business activities during a certain period. For example, you can make the right choices at the right time in the context of your business objectives. Our accountants can assist you in preparing, maintaining or interpreting your financial records.

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We can either offer you partial or full support, compiling your statements and administrative input in your accounting system or our IT solution. Grant Thornton’s online internet bookkeeping system will offer you many benefits in that case. This is a fast, reliable and straight-forward administrative system, allowing you to make use of the latest administrative applications without any high investments. Your intermediate assessments can be realised quicker and easier and are available immediately. In brief: your financial situation is more up to date.

Our accountants will ensure that your administrative system complies with all legislation and legal requirements. Additionally, they also review the fiscal and legal aspects that are important for realising your objectives. They ensure that your reports are compiled in the right way and that returns are filed in time.