Tax compliance is more than filing returns

Taxation rules and reporting requirements change constantly. Issuing a fully compliant tax return for your business, may already prove to be difficult. But did you keep in mind all recent changes in legislation? Has your business situation changed? And is the reporting that you filed fully up to date according to these new rules? Are you sure that further optimisations are not possible?

Needless to say that your annual accounts and tax returns are linked in many ways. Therefore, our accountants and tax consultants are in a good position to give you sound advice. Our accountants work closely with our in-house tax experts to make ensure that your returns are filed in time, in compliance and incorporating the latest changes in tax and social security legislation. We can help you compose your returns or fully arrange your administration.

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Our experts go beyond preparing and filing corporate tax forms. They consult you on pre-payments, allocation of variable income, dividends, gratifications, optimization options, tax exemptions, tax rates, deductible and non-deductible expenses, employee benefits …

In addition to reporting and optimisation, we can also help you optimise your procedures, allowing a more proactive approach towards financial and tax reporting. We actively help you think about how to organise your processes more efficiently and effectively. For example, we can assist you in setting up a (digital) information system allowing you to enter and even submit a wide range of tax reports in a more efficient way.