Innovative new technologies can mean great things for your business, but they can also increase the complexity of security threats.

The evolution of digital technology caused an explosion of generated data. Combined with a new degree of connectedness among organisations, there are opportunities for the technologically savvy and criminally minded to take advantage.

Cyber attacks are more focused, skilful and ambitious. Geographical borders are meaningless. Regulators and stakeholders are increasing the pressure on organisations to manage these risks. As a result, cybersecurity is now at the top of the boardroom agenda.

Businesses need to adopt up-to-date risk management and cyber security practices and develop a mature firm-wide culture to protect their interest and reputation.

Information and data are one of the most valuable assets that any organisation holds. Economic and market forces have driven organisations through major transformations over the past decade.

The new European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) came into force in May 2018 and has had a significant effect on all sectors in terms of data processing in general and personal data in particular.

Isabel Derison
Partner, Business Risk Services
Isabel Derison

How Grant Thornton can help you

Grant Thornton can help you ensure that your corporate risk management, cyber security, privacy standards and infrastructure are fit for purpose and up to the task of defining your organisation against current and emerging threats.

Our IT, cyber-security & GDPR risk expertise and proven methodology will help you understand, prioritize and address challenges in your business.

We offer the following services :

  • Data protection and privacy (GDPR) (review/implementation/assessment of current status/…?)
  • Security assessments (ISO 27001)
  • Cyber security advice.