International Standards for the professional practice of internal auditing

Revised standards IIA 2017

Sarah De Ridder Sarah De Ridder

Internal auditing is conducted in diverse legal and cultural environments; for organizations that vary in purpose, size, complexity, and structure; and by persons within or outside the organization. While differences may affect the practice of internal auditing in each environment, conformance with The IIA's International Standards for the Professional Practice of Internal Auditing (Standards) is essential in meeting the responsibilities of internal auditors and the internal audit activity.

The purpose of the Standards is to:

  • Guide adherence with the mandatory elements of the International Professional Practices Framework.
  • Provide a framework for performing and promoting a broad range of value-added internal auditing. services.
  • Establish the basis for the evaluation of internal audit performance.
  • Foster improved organizational processes and operations.

The Standards are a set of principles based, mandatory requirements consisting of:

  • Statements of core requirements for the professional practice of internal auditing and for evaluating the effectiveness of performance, l that are internationally applicable at organizational and individual levels.
  • Interpretations, clarifying terms or concepts within the Statements.

These standards have been recently revised. Learn more about it in our PDF or contact Sarah De Ridder, our specialist from Business Risk Services.