Where you come from is important to us. Diverse philosophies, backgrounds and experiences enrich us as an organisation and keep us engaged. We are genuinely interested in you as a human being, so bring your full story.

We embrace diversity in our organisation

Whatever your experience, background, race, diploma, gender or orientation, you are welcome in our organisation. In fact, our mindset at Grant Thornton is: ‘bring your whole self to work’. What does this mean exactly?

  • You are who you are, both within and beyond our company walls.
  • The more diversity, the more engaging and richer our organisation.

Bring your whole self to work

Respect is the first R in CLEARR, our set of core values. We listen to each other, show understanding and build trust. In this way, everyone can bring their whole self to work.

We realise that there is still work to be done to create an entirely inclusive work culture. But we are ready to rise to the challenge and continue to strive for excellence.

Women in business: insights and stories from our colleagues

How does Grant Thornton champion women in the workplace?

Despite the progress that has been made in recent years, women remain underrepresented in senior leadership positions in our profession. At Grant Thornton we believe it is essential to recognise and address the challenges that women face, and we are committed to taking action towards empowering and advancing women, shaping a more inclusive future.

We had insightful talks with 6 female professionals from our organisation. They shared their personal stories regarding their journey, the challenges they have faced so far, and the advice they have for the next generation of women.

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