Respect, responsibility and flexibility are fundamental to our culture. And that does not stop at the company gate. We also hold these values in high regard for your life outside of work. So: ambitious, work hard and still have enough time for your hobbies? At Grant Thornton it’s our mission.

You develop at your own pace

Each colleague is at a different stage in their career and private life. That's why you get the freedom to develop at your own pace. Perhaps this means extra training, but a more flexible schedule is just as likely. One thing is sure: by working when you're at your best, you deliver better results. And Grant Thornton reaps the rewards of this as well.

We take your work-life balance seriously

Picking up the children from school or taking them to their swimming lessons? Work-life balance is more than just a fancy motto in our workplace. Thanks to proper consultation within the team, we create a work organisation that works for everyone. Ambitious, work hard and still have enough time for your hobbies? Triple-check!

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