As a large organisation, you are legally obliged to appoint a statutory auditor who will report to the general meeting on the financial statements (whether on a simple or consolidated basis).

But you are undoubtedly looking for a statutory auditor who will do more than the law requires.

From compliance to management tool

Grant Thornton's audit teams treat each assurance project on an individual basis and ensure that the specific complexity of your organisation is reflected in the reporting.

Our multidisciplinary teams help you identify your strengths and weaknesses. They then advise you on how to direct your future growth.

This approach gives you an accurate and objective view of your financial position and practicable advice on how to further improve your efficiency and effectiveness and the compliance of your corporate governance structure. In this way our reporting becomes a genuine management tool.

Gunther Loits
Partner, Audit & Assurance
Gunther Loits

Universal audit approach

Grant Thornton's auditors use the same audit methodology worldwide. LEAP is our audit methodology and a set of tools used by all Grant Thornton International Ltd offices. LEAP is more than just a tool: it is a business capability platform that focuses on leadership and technical excellence. In its development, we focused on clear alignment with audit standards and an optimal experience for our employees and clients.

LEAP guarantees superior quality, because it fully integrates the best practices that we have implemented in our audits over the past ten years.

Advantages for you

  • A partner as a fixed point of contact
  • Assessment of internal financial control processes and subsequent useful advice with a view to optimisation
  • Focus on understanding the key risks and transaction cycles that have an impact on your business
  • Advanced audit procedures tailored to your business – regardless of its size and regardless of your location
  • A high-quality service all over the world