Your growth plans: supported by hands-on legal advice

An organisation evolves constantly from the moment it is set up. As this growth takes place, you have to deal with various kinds of legal business:

  • When starting up your business or opening branches
  • If you want to carry out an acquisition
  • When you enter into contracts with customers or suppliers
  • In connection with investments or divestments.

At all these key moments, the advice of an expert is definitely useful: not just to find out about the legal consequences, but above all to get help with making the right choices.

The Grant Thornton approach

Our lawyers understand that their advice is a factor in the conduct of your strategy. In fact, it helps you manage your risks. They are therefore trusted advisers who support your company with practical and relevant legal solutions.


Legal support & contracts

Running your business on a day-to- day basis often has legal consequences. Not only key moments such as take-overs, shares transactions and mergers require legal support, but also your organisation’s daily operations. This is why our legal advisers are equipped to provide you with advice in many fields, both at a national and at an international level. They develop an understanding about your organisation’s activities and development plans. This allows them to offer you up-to date, relevant advice supporting your business.

Mergers and acquisitions

Mergers and acquisitions are challenging times for your organisation. As a manager or entrepreneur, you need to look at this situation from every angle to ensure optimal conditions and terms of the transaction. To ensure the best outcome, our legal advisers work based on an integral process management method in merger, sale or take-over processes.

Company law & acquisitions

Your organisation is accountable towards many stakeholders: shareholders, board members, management and many more. Needless to say expert support to fulfill all reporting requirements can mean added value to your business.

Conflict management

The Grant Thornton legal team can issue advice on the position you could adopt towards your fellow partners or contract partners in the event of a conflict. We can also play the role of independent mediator, listening to all parties involved and help you negotiate a solution that can blow new life into your partnership. Once you have agreed on a solution, our advisers can help you formalize it through legal agreements and contracts.

Restructuring and social dialogue

Redesigning your group structure and/or the implementation of social restructuring can result in a significant cost reduction and/or efficiency improvement. Our legal team advises on the best procedure and guide you through the various steps you need to take

Labour and social security law

Belgian labour and social security legislation is a maze of schemes and regulations that employers tend to get lost in. Our legal experts issue advice and assist you, from the employee joining the company until leaving the company due to termination, retirement etc

IT law & GDPR

Every business depends on ICT support. Given the business-critical nature of many ICT applications, concluding solid contracts is an absolute must. Grant Thornton has extensive expertise in consulting on and drafting various types of ICT contracts.

Legal Counsel as a Service

Does your company need a 100% committed 'specialised' generalist who really knows the ins and outs of your company? Someone who thinks from your business perspective and provides pragmatic legal support by knowing your business strategy, its operations and business specifics? We can answer this need with "Legal counsel as a service".