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Family businesses are the backbone of our economy.  Generations of entrepreneurs build their business over many years. To do this, they are willing to take risks and have the ambition to grow. At Grant Thornton we understand offering advice to a family-owned business often is different than offering advice to a large listed concern. Our advisers truly understand the family business scope and understand that your company means something to you: it is your passion, your family, and your organisation, that your family has built from the ground up. 

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As advisers to dynamic organizations we offer your family business the advice it needs when it needs it. We do this with a disctinctive personal approach, because we share your idea that every organization’s history and development is different. As trusted advisers, our experts are with you every step of the way, offering guidance during key moments. Whether you are taking the step to invest, grow nationally or internationally, need to optimise your tax position, want to transfer your company, take over a company, … each different step has implications on your business.   

In addition, we understand that as the owner of your company, your personal development and goals also influence the family business and vice versa: getting married, having children, retirement, donations, succession planning, transferring your company, … 

Your organization's evolution and the impact it has on you and your family all have specific consequences fiscally, legally, financially and organizationally. At Grant Thornton, we translate this technical impact into workable advice. We make sure that you are aware of the different scenarios and options so that you can make the right decision. Our consultants are always looking at the entire business and offer a practical solution that is a match with your organization. They become your trusted advisers and acknowledge that communication is important, so they listen to all stakeholders. Our goal is to bring added value to your organization as a whole and to each individual involved at the short and long term.    

Grant Thornton has in-house experts to offer you advice tailored to your needs, to optimize your situation and to help you make decisions. We offer a solution that combines our different services when you need them, not just single advice on accountancy, tax or legal issues … but an integrated plan that supports your organization and its goals, your family’s ambitions and your personal equity.