SMEs and family businesses are the backbone of our economy. Entrepreneurs build up their organisations over years or even generations with huge commitment and the involvement of private equity. They take personal risks to realise their growth ambitions.

At Grant Thornton we understand that the emphases are different from those of a listed company, for example. The whole picture has to be right: long-term strategic business management, equity agreements among shareholders, due consideration of the family and/or other stakeholders, achievement of personal objectives.

As consultants for dynamic organisations, we take this broad framework into account. Our experts take a multidisciplinary approach: we don’t just provide accounting, tax or legal advice, but an integrated plan that supports your organisational objectives, your family’s ambitions and your own equity. You want to know the different scenarios and options so that you can make the right choices. We’ll work towards a customised solution, ensuring that you always have the right tools to hand to make the right decisions. We’ll then translate the technical points into practical, workable advice.

We’ll be there for you with advice for every key moment, as a sounding board and confidant. What kind of things do we consider?

  • Strategy and investment plans
  • National or international expansion, reorganisation, acquisitions
  • Business transfer to the next generation or to third parties
  • Profit participation and ensuring a secure position for key figures
  • Optimisation of your personal position: matrimonial property law, inheritance law, income tax, inheritance and gift tax (including the favourable tax regime for family businesses), etc.

We recognise that communication is of the utmost importance, and we listen to all parties involved. Our goal is to offer added value in the short and long term, to your company as a whole and to each individual stakeholder. Where possible, we opt for preventive dialogue and agreements, with respect for the interests of all parties. If there are conflicts, we also examine the options for alternative conflict resolution.