Every company depends to a greater or lesser extent on IT support. From a small local network environment to fully automated business processes, IT is now indispensable in the business world, and given the business-critical nature of many IT applications, concluding solid contracts is essential. It’s also vital for the IT service provider.

Grant Thornton has extensive expertise in advising on and drawing up various types of IT contracts, including:

  • PAAS and SAAS contracts  
  • Hosting contracts  
  • Time and material contracts  
  • Licensing and other IP-related contracts 
  • SLAs. 


GDPR (the General Data Protection Regulation) imposes a series of requirements on any entity that processes personal data. Its purpose is to provide better protection for the rights of the data subject.

The requirements include preparing/ complying with/ implementing: 

  • a detailed register of processing activities
  • documents informing the data subject about the processing of his or her data
  • an obligation to report data breaches and record them in an incident log
  • the rights of the data subject
  • technical and organisational measures for the protection of personal data
  • Processing agreements.

Grant Thornton has extensive experience in GDPR implementation at companies and other entities. We strive for a pragmatic approach in which we seek to strike a healthy balance between achieving the required compliance level and a way of working that is feasible and practical.