When your business is growing internationally, you need to ensure that your tax advice grows with you. National legislation on corporate taxation and VAT is intricate enough, but the interaction of laws from different countries and the additional international rules add a further layer of complexity.

Income tax

If you have international growth plans, our consultants will help every step of the way, because the options for international activities are endless:

  • Creating or acquiring a foreign company
  • Opening a branch
  • Setting up foreign distribution channels
  • Participating in a joint venture
  • International buying and selling of goods, services, IP, etc.
  • International financing structures and cash flow
  • International employment
  • ...

If one thing is clear, it’s that you need tailored advice. And that’s exactly what our consultants have to offer you, with their technical expertise in Belgian and international legislation and with the specialist knowledge and support of the international Grant Thornton network.

Our consultants will listen and get to know your organisation and objectives, and work with accountants, VAT experts, legal specialists, transfer pricing professionals, M&A advisers and others to provide practical solutions that support your company, both in Belgium and abroad.


National VAT law is influenced by international VAT regulations, and international transactions add to the complexity.  International purchases and sales of goods and services give rise to VAT obligations in different countries, where different rules and rates apply. The same applies in connection with the international structuring of companies and with international takeovers.

Our experts understand how national and international VAT law interacts, and can help you to take this into account in your daily activities, so that you can keep your VAT structure under control, meet obligations and optimise where possible.

Our teams offer practical advice at national and international level, either as support for your own VAT department or on a full outsourcing basis.

We can also provide the following forms of support:

  • Fiscal representation or direct registration
  • Foreign VAT returns and other procedures
  • Reclaiming foreign VAT
  • Coordination of international VAT obligations
  • ...