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Doing business internationally

Doing business internationally


Frederik De Graeve

Tax & Legal

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Exploiting growth opportunities

Once a company is active in its own country with some success, the logical next step for many entrepreneurs is to develop activities across the borders. They see opportunities in other countries that they would like to exploit. Doing business internationally always raises issues that can distract you from your core business. For a foreign venture to be successful, these matters need to be sorted out properly; otherwise, problems will arise sooner or later. Examples include labour law issues, tax costs and obligations and requirements regarding financial reporting. Every country has its own laws and rules. As experienced consultants, we can assist you in this without any problem.

International network

For complex issues concerning international business, we will work on a cross-border basis. Grant Thornton in Belgium is part of an international network active in more than 130 countries worldwide. Customers who do business internationally can always find the right service through us in the country where they want to do business. Thanks to our international network, we always have access to the expertise in the local market.

Our expertise

Our experts can advise you on all aspects of international business.

Areas of expertise include:

  • International tax & VAT
  • Legal aspects
  • Transfer pricing
  • Global Mobility Services
  • IFRS reporting

Would you like to know how Grant Thornton can support you with complex issues relating to international business? If so, contact us.