Need extra financial expertise, but is a full-time CFO too big a step for your company? Then CFO-as-a-Service is the perfect solution. You not only get one of our CFO’s part time and in house, you also benefit from the knowledge of their extensive national and international network. A smart move for your company’s growth!

What is CFO-as-a-Service?

A CFO from Grant Thornton usually works two to three days a week for your company. This CFO works as closely as possible with you and your colleagues – and best of all together with you in the office, in order to become an integral part of your company.

Keen to go further in professionalising your financial structure and giving your organisation every opportunity to grow? In that case, CFO-as-a-Service is just what you need.



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How does CFO-as-a-Service work?

Following a first acquaintance it’s entirely up to you which tasks you allocate to your brand-new CFO. These tasks are situated within three domains:

  1. Strategic: analysing your sales and marketing strategy, financial advice in the case of takeovers, discussions with stakeholders …
  2. Operational: structuring your finances – as the backbone of a healthy business.
  3. Administrative-judicial: optimising your financing mix, reporting clearly and reliably to your shareholders …


Wildiers is ‘on a roll’ with CFO-as-a-Service

Fietsen Wildiers has enjoyed a significant growth spurt in recent years. Thanks to CFO-as-a-Service, CEO Kris put his SME on track for further success.

Watch the ‘On a roll’ episode featuring Fietsen Wildiers



The 3 advantages of CFO-as-a-Service

  1. You gain a financial expert in house without having to add a full-time CFO to the payroll.
  2. Depending on your particular challenges you decide for yourself which tasks your CFO will fulfil. A really flexible approach.
  3. Your CFO gets other Grant Thornton-experts involved (nationally and internationally) if you have questions about, for example mergers and takeovers, international business or taxation.

Accelerate your growth with CFO-as-a-Service