You're faced with the challenge of producing figures (including consolidated figures) ever more quickly, in a regulatory environment that is constantly evolving. You need to make the right technical choices in order to remain flexible in terms of information systems and the organisation of processes, as only then will you remain sufficiently responsive.

For groups, it’s essential to ensure that their teams’ capabilities are sustainable and to reinforce them, at both central and subsidiary level and both in Belgium and worldwide.

Our consolidation & reporting specialists can assist you with the challenges you face in:

  • choosing the right software for your consolidation and reporting
  • standardising group accounting systems
  • working out consolidation procedures
  • converting to IFRS
  • reinforcing your teams and assisting your subsidiaries
  • à la carte assistance with consolidation
  • tax reporting and the automation of group tax processes
  • full consolidation outsourcing.

Our experts have extensive practical experience in consolidation. The methodology we use ensures that the consolidated data are completely transparent. Contact us with your questions.

Sigrid Viselé
Partner, Accountancy & BPS
Sigrid Viselé