In a globalised world, businesses must be able to work transparently across borders. International groups operate in multiple countries and regard international expansion as a strategic goal. International mobility of talent is a key factor in the success of a global business, but comes with challenges and risks as well as opportunities.

Given the constantly developing nature of global tax regulations, a well-run, compliant, and cost-effective international mobility programme is critical to the success of talent management and business operations.

Our Global Mobility Services team will work with you to build and develop an intelligent global mobility strategy and policies and processes that address the complex challenges of managing an international workforce, from expatriates to people on business trips.

We offer a wide range of services to support both businesses and individuals, including:

Global Mobility Services for your business:

  • Strategic planning of assignments and salary splits
  • Development of a mission policy, including tax equalisation, etc.
  • Global compensation, pension and benefits consultancy services

Global Mobility Services for your personnel:

  • Tax briefings on arrival and departure
  • Preparation of personal tax returns and consultancy services (for both residents and non-residents)
  • Application of the special tax regime for foreign executives
  • Assistance with tax returns, audits and claims
  • Tax equalisation
  • Social security analysis
  • Immigration services and employment law services