Futureproof organisations need to regularly revisit their strategies and objectives thereby optimizing their tactics, processes, internal controls and systems

Organisations often face changing and increasing stakeholder demands, emerging business models, disruptive technologies, uncertain financial markets, global competition and evolving regulation. Our clients are continuously challenged to cut costs, increase revenue, improve financial performance while aiming to achieve their strategic goals. By remaining agile and adaptive to changes, organisations can benefit from competitive advantages and transform challenges into opportunities to excel.

Our consultants bring a tailored approach to help you develop and operationalize strategies to scale and create specific tactics that will trigger the transformation you want. With deep industry experience and extensive knowledge of organisational functions and priorities, we help you align your organisation’s tactics, people (functions and roles), processes, internal controls and technology. We ensure that an adequate (designed to address the underlying risks) and appropriate (cost-effective) level of internal control will be installed.

Isabel Derison
Partner, Business Risk Services
Isabel Derison

How Grant Thornton can help you

Our Business Consulting Services team helps clients adapt and fine-tune their organisations for optimal performance, achievement of business objectives and the creation of long term sustainable value. We enable you to become an agile futureproof organisation ready to tackle the challenges of tomorrow.

We offer the following services:

  • transposing strategy and tactics into business processes with the right level of internal controls and adequate systems
  • design of an internal control framework, documenting processes, procedures and internal control testing
  • process optimization: analyzing and improving effectiveness and efficiency of existing business processes and related internal controls
  • Sarbanes-Oxley SOX testing
  • advice on corporate governance structures and set-up.