One single point of contact for all your compliance abroad

As an entrepreneur operating in different countries, you are often confronted with various local obligations (VAT, direct taxes, financial reporting, etc.).

Thanks to our Global Compliance and Reporting Solutions (GCRS), we offer you the solution in this regulatory tangle.

As a global network of consulting firms, we are able to provide compliance services to international organisations with offices in various countries.

Our advisors within the network ensure correct compliance with local regulations on VAT, direct taxes and financial reporting.

Thanks to the specially developed platform, "GT Collaborative", you as a client have access to the necessary information at all times, so that you can keep track of the various activities across all countries and maintain control.

In short, nothing but advantages for you as a client:

  • You can be sure of correct compliance with local regulations, which significantly reduces the risk of fines and reputational damage.
  • You will always have the necessary information at your disposal, so that you remain in control at all times.
  • You only have one contact person who has the lead from Belgium and who will follow up everything for you on your behalf.

Do you need compliance support for your branches abroad? Contact our advisors for more information about our approach.

Dirk Beunen
Partner, Accounting & BPS
Dirk Beunen