Six strong values keep us on track to support businesses and guide them in their growth. But they also form the foundation of a growth-oriented internal culture. As a team we are strong and we are also concerned with the person behind the position. Elbowing your way up is out of the question.

Our values: CLEARR

The global values at Grant Thornton are summarised in the acronym CLEARR. They create the basis for all our activities:

  1. Collaboration: we ask for help, support our colleagues and work closely together.
  2. Leadership: we challenge and inspire each other to do our very best.
  3. Excellence: in our search for excellence we never rest on our laurels.
  4. Agility: our approach is flexible and we embrace change.
  5. Respect: we listen to one another, show understanding and develop a trusted relationship with each other and our clients.
  6. Responsibility: we take responsibility for our actions.



Our culture: together we go for growth

You work in an environment where everyone is encouraged to tackle challenges with enthusiasm. With the necessary expertise, flexibility, focus on results and personal attention. In this way, we adapt easily to clients’ demands and guide them in their continued development.

Moreover, the growth of our customers and your personal development go hand in hand. You grow within a close-knit team. Because together you are stronger and you realise your own, your team’s and your clients’ ambitions.

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