Whether you’re a start-up, a small family business, a growing company or a large organisation, the financial experts at the Accountancy & reporting department will be happy to provide advice and support.

Based on your organisation’s needs, our accountants can:

  • act as part of your administrative team
  • work with you on a project basis
  • take on all administration and financial reporting activities.

Your accounting and financial reporting bring about growth!

For many entrepreneurs, accounting is synonymous with obligations and compliance. However, if we can generate transparent reporting based on the financial figures, accounting becomes more than just an administrative burden.  Because you can use financial reporting as a tool – as your company’s compass. 

Our accountants will:

  • ensure that your reporting contains clear, reliable information
  • support you in interpreting the figures so that you make the right operational decisions. 

Your accountant: your unique confidant!

Grant Thornton accountants go beyond the numbers. They share in your thinking – about the details of your business objectives, of course, but also about your personal objectives.

We like to build a long-term relationship based on mutual trust, which is why at Grant Thornton you will have a single trusted adviser to deal with all your questions. 

Accountancy & reporting

Accounting & reporting

At Grant Thornton, we offer you our accounting services either on a fully outsourced basis or a co-sourced basis. Whether you choose to have our experts to take care of all of your financial reporting requirements on your behalf or you choose to use our services for a project or a part of your accounting function, we have the skills and experience to deliver the right quality output you need.


Are you a dynamic SME and do you want to be able to fall back on the expertise of a CFO? But is a full-time CFO still too big a step for your organisation? Grant Thornton offers you CFO-as-a-service.

Tax compliance

Our experts go beyond preparing and filing corporate tax forms. They consult you on pre-payments, allocation of variable income, dividends, gratifications, optimization options, tax exemptions, tax rates, deductible and non-deductible expenses, employee benefits…

Compilation of financial statements

Our accountants will ensure that your administrative system complies with all legislation and legal requirements. Additionally, they also review the fiscal and legal aspects that are important for realising your objectives. They ensure your reports are compiled in the right way and returns are filed in time.

Payroll services

Our payroll experts are fully up to date on Belgian legislation. They help you select a Payroll Agency that is the best match with your organisation. Our teams then make sure input of your HR data is adequately processed and they verify the output of those systems. They provide you with all documentation your organisation and your employees need.


Your financial information is an important management tool. That is why it is important your entire reporting process, from budgeting to filing financial statements is in line with your strategy and information needs.

Financial and management accounting services

Our teams can consult on where your organisation can make improvements, but they can also set up your reporting framework. We can also take on full outsourcing of your management reporting structure or a part of it.

Start-up and business plan guidance

Our start-up and business plan services offer meaningful advice, providing you with all your crucial questions at the right time. Our advisers help you consider your options and support them with business plans, figures and other information you may need to decide on your next step.


Our experts have a broad practical experience in consolidation. The methodology that we apply, guarantees a complete transparence of the consolidated data.

Global Compliance and Reporting Solutions

As an entrepreneur operating in different countries, you are often confronted with various local obligations (VAT, direct taxes, financial reporting, etc.). Thanks to our Global Compliance and Reporting Services (GCRS), we offer you the solution in this regulatory tangle.