Tax Guide 2018

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Leveraging business with sound tax advisory services.

Running a thriving business is not only about good turnover figures and making a profit. It’s also about having a positive tax strategy. Compliance is only one side to the story. Openness and transparency and meeting your tax obligations is a priority, but making sure your business’ tax and operational structure is aligned with its growth strategy is a key driver to your success. 

How we work

Our tax consultants have an in-depth local knowledge of both direct and indirect tax as well as of international taxation rules. They advise each individual business on compliance, on how they can limit risk and how they can leverage tax opportunities.

From small businesses to medium-sized and large local and international enterprises, our teams make an in-depth analysis of your tax position and look for solutions. Our proactive approach also ensures you keep track of all relevant developments so we can advise you if there are consequences for your business and your growth ambitions.