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Frederik De Graeve

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Clear tax advice: the engine of business growth

A successful company is not just about good sales and profit figures. Tax is an important factor too.

Compliance is part of that story – meeting your tax obligations is a priority – but ensuring that your company’s operational and fiscal structure is in line with your growth strategy is what really makes the difference.

Our approach

Our tax consultants have an extensive knowledge of direct and indirect tax legislation and of international regulations. They provide tailor-made advice to companies on compliance, but also on how to manage risks and make use of various opportunities for optimisation.

Whether your organisation is an SME or a large local or international company or group, our teams will conduct an in-depth analysis of its tax position and look for solutions.

Our proactive approach ensures that you are kept informed of all relevant developments, so that we can advise you immediately if they have implications for your company and growth ambitions.