Clear tax advice: the engine of business growth

A successful company is not just about good sales and profit figures. Tax is an important factor too.

Compliance is part of that story – meeting your tax obligations is a priority – but ensuring that your company’s operational and fiscal structure is in line with your growth strategy is what really makes the difference.

Our approach

Our tax consultants have an extensive knowledge of direct and indirect tax legislation and of international regulations. They provide tailor-made advice to companies on compliance, but also on how to manage risks and make use of various opportunities for optimisation.

Whether your organisation is an SME or a large local or international company or group, our teams will conduct an in-depth analysis of its tax position and look for solutions.

Our proactive approach ensures that you are kept informed of all relevant developments, so that we can advise you immediately if they have implications for your company and growth ambitions.


Corporate tax

Laws on taxation are dynamic. Making sure your organization’s liabilities are met, requires constant monitoring and managing. Our advisers can offer case-by-case advice, help you coordinate, assist in filing reports, assess your risks, … or fully execute compliance processes.


This requires a high level of experience, knowledge and insight of indirect tax, but also of your industry and organisation. Our team of full-time VAT specialists can assist you in various fields, ranging from advice and risk control to implementation and optimisation. As companies need advice as well as assistance and support, we execute and assist in fulfilling the necessary formalities and apply for permits.

International tax & VAT

If your business has grown internationally or if you’re considering to take the step to expand abroad, you want to continue maximizing your efforts. Where domestic corporate tax laws may already be quite complicated, local legislation in other countries and international tax laws will most certainly add to the complexity of your business environment and organization.

Compensation & benefits

To recruit and retain the best talent, it is essential to offer optimised and competitive pay packages. Grant Thornton helps you put together attractive packages tailored to your activity and the profile and expertise level of your employees.

Indirect international tax

Our teams can offer meaningful advice both at a national and international level. They help you set up international VAT structures either as a support function to your in-house VAT department or on an outsourced basis.

VAT compliance

Ons dedicated internationaal compliance team evalueert uw BTW verplichtingen en geeft advies op de meest geschikte registratie. Zij kunnen u bijstaan met de volledige Belgische btw-boekhouding en de indiening van de btw-aangiften (of nazicht).

Transfer pricing

Our experts help document your transfer pricing principles, intra company transactions and internal reporting and organisation. They design and implement settlement pricing structures for both national and multi-national companies. When services are centralized, they determine acceptable costs and margins.

Global mobility services

In a globalised world, businesses must work seamlessly across borders. Organisations operate in multiple countries and view international expansion as a strategic objective. International talent mobility is a key element of a successful global business and with it comes challenges and risks, as well as opportunities. With ever changing global tax regulations, an effective, compliant and cost-efficiently managed international mobility program is a critical component of successful talent management and business operations.

Private client services

Our solutions include dealing with emigration and tax mitigation on the income and capital growth of overseas assets.