Helping international dynamic organisations manage their VAT.

While international laws may impact local VAT regulation, international transactions will certainly add to this complexity. International sales will result in tax obligations in many different countries, where different rules and rates apply. Our experts understand the interaction between local and international VAT legislation and help you apply them to your business on a day to day basis. This way you can manage your VAT structure, be compliant and optimise where possible.

Our teams can offer meaningful advice both at a national and international level. They help you set up international VAT structures either as a support function to your in-house VAT department or on an outsourced basis. Assisting you in making sure all VAT obligations are met and all formalities are taken into account, both domestically and abroad is a priority. For all other elements such as tax representation, maintenance of foreign companies’ VAT accounts, recovery of VAT, coordination of international VAT obligations,… whichever advice is applicable to your organisation’s situation, our VAT consultants can offer the solution you need to move forward.  

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