Are your transfer pricing principles and international transactions optimised and adapted to the current rules?

International business means taking many different rules and laws into account, so transfer pricing is a hot topic because of:

  • A large body of international legislation and internationally accepted principles
  • Local interpretations and departures from international practice
  • Growing transparency requirements
  • Significant financial consequences in the event of economic double taxation

All of this means it is vital for your organisation to comply with all obligations. Disputes and fines arising from an incorrect transfer pricing policy and/or non-compliance can have serious financial consequences.

Leslie Van den Branden
Managing Partner, Partner Tax & Legal
Leslie Van den Branden

As an entrepreneur, you want your international activities to support your growth ambitions. At Grant Thornton we help you to carry out your plans and assist you with the development and implementation of structures with a view to operational value creation and efficiency. Our experts design and implement transfer pricing structures in which they determine acceptable prices and margins for all types of intra-group transactions (transfer and provision of IP, corporate reorganisations, financing, centralised services, etc.).

Our experts also help you to document your transfer pricing and to organise your intercompany transactions and reporting.

The result is a fully transparent transfer pricing structure that complies with international and national regulations. All parts of our advice and its implementation are also documented, so that you are properly equipped in the event of transfer pricing checks or to support procedures for advance pricing agreements (APAs).