Dynamic organisations grow and change continuously. Successful growth often means navigating a complex array of opportunities, challenges and risks. 

Our Advisory Services are designed to support your ambitions and help you achieve your goals. Our mission is to help you create, protect and transform value today so you have the opportunity to thrive tomorrow and deliver sustainable results.

We can help you from two key interconnected business areas:

Business risk services – We can help you identify and manage risks by actively looking for them, both inside and outside your organisation. We inform you of important new trends and upcoming legislation. Our experienced specialists help you turn these insights into opportunities. We are a trusted partner for the Board of Directors, the Audit-, Risk Committee and the C-suite. Based on the type of organisation and maturity, we help strengthening your organisation and demonstrate that good governance, risk management and continuous improvement are key drivers. We specialize in internal audit, risk management, compliance management, IT & technology, fraud, sustainability and non-financial reporting (ESG), GDPR, data analytics, etc.

Transaction advisory services – We can advise and support you through every stage of a transaction, including post-deal integration for sales, acquisitions, the raising of external debt or private equity or accessing global capital markets.
Our specialists listen to your needs, because we know you understand your business better than anyone. We don’t rely on off-the-shelf services that could easily fit a range of clients, challenges and markets. We develop tailored solutions for your organisation and your unique requirements and objectives.
We put the right people together to build a service offering around your needs: both multidisciplinary as well as internationally. We bring clear insights, practical solutions and a commitment to quality.


Transaction advisory services

As independent advisers, our transaction specialists offer independent advice, not just on the financial aspects, but throughout the transaction cycle. Their independence is beneficial both to buyers as well as sellers. Our advisers work according to a structured methodology, keeping track of all financial, operational and strategic elements.


Based on our "to-the-point" analyses, we identify with you the appropriate restructuring opportunities to help improve cash flows, results and balance sheet positions in the short term.

Risk and compliance management

What are the risks to my business? What steps should I take to avoid these risks? Our business-risk advisers will be happy to help you get started.

Internal audit

An effective internal audit function helps dynamic organisations better manage risks and turn them into opportunities.

Cyber risk services

Cybersecurity and data privacy threats evolve on a daily basis. It is essential to recognize the threats, understand your exposure, balance your priorities and formulate a comprehensive response. We provide support in addressing both global and local cybersecurity and privacy compliance needs. We assess the risks of cyberattacks and the maturity of security programs, and we recommend and implement workforce, process and technology solutions to protect information assets. Contact us for a solid strategy that will help you proactively manage cyber risks both inside and outside your organization. We are ready to help you safeguard your future.

Data analytics & process mining

Companies have a huge amount of data at their disposal, and that amount of information is also increasing every day. Gaining deeper insight through data analysis can increase the value, commercial challenge and level of understanding of the business.

Business plan & financial plan

Business plan & financial plan

IT advisory, digital transformation & robotics

Strategy and innovation in digital technology create competitive advantage.


Take-overs, transfer of divisions, disputes, management buy-outs, negotiations, restructuring etc. are just a few of the situations that require you to know the value of your company.

M&A advisory

In their development, strategy and circumstances often lead dynamic organisations to acquisitions of divestments, alliances, trading on the capital markets, … Our independent advisers can guide you in the entire process. From developing a strategy up to implementation of the change; from identification of the transaction and valuation through due diligence and the eventual structuring.

Due diligence

Taking over a company means taking risks. It is important you are aware of all risks and opportunities an acquisition entails. Our due diligence process investigates all risks and opportunities of your plans and offers you with sustainable advice on the transaction you are considering. Due diligence helps you to make your decision, informing you of all the facts.

Business Consulting Services

Helping dynamic organisations make choices, manage initiatives & achieve business outcomes.

Smarter use of data

The right data analytics strategy can help you gain competitive advantage. Key is enabling timely business decisions that respond to market conditions and improve operations. We help our customers have true insight in their data in order to maximize business output. Our job is to link business strategy, data (internal & external), processes and technology.

Better customer interaction

Achieving real customer intimacy in a highly competitive market. The customer relationship has evolved considerably in the past few years. Previously, to succeed, companies mainly focused on transactional and rational elements such as product specifications or service. Today, this is no longer enough to remain competitive. As customers say and most managers recognize, a company’s organic growth now largely depends on its ability to offer its customers positive and memorable experiences. Only in this way, organisations can gain their customers’ loyalty and make them ambassadors of their products, services and their brand.

Focused choices in project investments

Organisations today remain under pressure to innovate and grow. At the same time, they are forced to increase existing operational efficiencies and reduce costs – a real challenge for most companies. How to make sure you make the right choices: what projects should be executed, which projects are no longer relevant? What resources and budgets do we need to continue to grow and innovate? How much do we need to keep our business as usual running? How do we manage the risks linked to the implementation of multiple complex projects in the organisation?

Fully adapted enterprise structure

Your company has defined its business strategy and needs a structure to make that business strategy work. That structure is the backbone of your business and thus your growth. It consists of your organisation structure, your business processes and your IT landscape. This backbone is a crucial link between your business strategy and the execution of your projects. The intent of an enterprise structure is to determine how your organisation can most effectively achieve its current and future objectives

Smooth transformation

In today’s challenging economy, the most successful companies are those that can their execute key initiatives seamlessly. Having the right strategies and ideas is vital, but they are meaningless if an organization is unable to implement the necessary transformation. In an era when all organizations need to focus on execution, those that can execute successfully can differentiate themselves from their competition and achieve their growth objectives.

Process optimisation and internal controls

Futureproof organisations need to regularly revisit their strategies and objectives thereby optimizing their tactics, processes, internal controls and systems

Forensic & integrity

Fraudsters become more inventive and can adopt different strategies depending on their target’s weaknesses. It is therefore crucial to ensure the appropriate level of fraud risk preventative measures are present in your organization.

Sustainability & Impact services

How do I really make sustainability part of my strategy? How do I realise valuable impact? How do I get a grip on climate-related risks and opportunities? We can help you in your ESG journey.

Whistleblow services

A whistleblowing programme helps your organisation to both prevent and detect fraud quickly. That way, you can reduce and even avoid fraud losses.