Digital technology strategy and innovation drive competitive advantage.

Technology and innovation continue to disrupt the way in which organisations do business and engage with their customers, employees, suppliers and stakeholders.

In order to adapt to changing markets and emerging technologies, organisations are exploring new organisational models and technology-enabled business strategies.

Organisations need to optimise their current and legacy IT investments and initiate large-scale technology and digital transformations to execute their organisational strategy and compete and thrive in a rapidly evolving market.

When implemented well, technology can drive efficiencies, lower costs, improve quality, deliver more control and support better decision-making.

Isabel Derison
Partner, Business Risk Services
Isabel Derison

How Grant Thornton can help you

With experience in IT, digital transformation, data strategy and project management, our consultants can help you leverage legacy and emerging technologies to develop new technology-enabled approaches, models and roadmaps that support corporate decision-making, drive innovation and create a sustainable competitive advantage in your market.

We can help you:

  • review and answer some of the key strategic questions that will underpin your future IT operating model
  • assess organisational digital maturity and help you understand the potential impact of any organisational technology debt
  • develop a technology roadmap that delivers a set of business applications appropriate to the size, sector and strategic plans of your company
  • evaluate and implement robotics solutions
  • deliver change, agile and programme management.