Companies possess overwhelming and rapidly growing volumes of data. Yet very few tap its potential.

Deeper insight through data analysis is becoming commonplace, increasing the value, commercial challenge and calibre of insight delivered to the business.

A well-considered analytics strategy provides invaluable insights for any organisation. It enables you to make timely business decisions that will reflect market conditions well into the future and gives you the power to optimize your operations for future growth and profitability.

Internal audit functions are also required to provide greater transparency and insights into risks, with additional benefit realisation around efficiency and effectiveness of the business operation being audited. 

Isabel Derison
Partner, Business Risk Services
Isabel Derison

Developing your analytical capability enables:

  • increased efficiency through meaningful insights
  • detailed identification of high-risk issues within your organisation
  • detailed identification of data trends, pattern analysis and derived value for audit and business functions
  • improved quality and speed of decision making through data analysis which complements the audit evidence based approach.

How Grant Thornton can help you

We have the experience, know-how and highly skilled staff to help you develop your data analytics, and visualisation approach. We use industry leading tools, that will help the internal audit function identify the high-risk elements within your organisation efficiently and effectively.

We have a wealth of expertise in providing insights through analytics. We can enable your team to understand how other organisations are applying analytics and increase awareness of upcoming trends.

Key areas where we are assisting our clients today include:

  • Provision of data mining, visualisation and insight services
  • Data analytics strategy development to maximise the insights provided by your internal audit function.