When your business grows internationally, make sure your transfer pricing principles and international transactions are optimised and compliant

Doing business in an international environment is subject to many specific rules and regulations, making transfer pricing a hot topic. Different international laws and local interpretations of laws, in addition to growing request for transparency, mean that making sure your organisation is compliant is key. Litigation and penalties resulting from non-compliance can have serious financial and organisational consequences.

As an entrepreneur, you want your international business to support your growth ambitions. At Grant Thornton we help you realise your ambitions and help you create the transparency you need to be compliant, as well as implement a structure that is supporting operational efficiency.

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Our experts help document your transfer pricing principles, intra company transactions and internal reporting and organisation. They design and implement settlement pricing structures for both national and multi-national companies. When services are centralized, they determine acceptable costs and margins.

As a result your transfer pricing structure is fully transparent and compliant. All elements of our advice and its implementation are documented, to support inspections, consultations, applications for approval of transfer agreements, …

We help you monitor international regulations that may affect your business, allowing you to be proactive and continue to be compliant.