Supporting your organization’s growth with our transaction advisory services.

Taking over a company means taking a risk. Many variables in tax, operations, administration, legal, financial,… can all have consequences and may affect your plans to grow in a positive or a less favourable way. You want reassurance that your planned transaction is adding value and is supporting your business strategy.

As independent advisers, our transaction specialists offer independent advice, not just on the financial aspects, but throughout the transaction cycle. Their independence is beneficial both to buyers as well as sellers. Our advisers work according to a structured methodology, keeping track of all financial, operational and strategic elements.

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Our teams investigate the structure of existing and future obligations, assessing the value of the assets and the sustainability of future profit forecasts. They also develop a deep understanding of the commercial and operational aspects of your business. This broader scope allows them to factor in variables other than just financials into their advice. Whether we are supporting you at buy-side or at sell-side, the result will always be a clear, transparent and objective report. Combined with our recommendations, this will help you achieve the best possible outcome of your transaction.