You may regard VAT and other indirect taxes as highly technical subjects: so they are.

It’s very important to see VAT as part of the running of your business, because it relates directly to:

  • Your company’s operations
  • The systems you use for billing, accounting and financial reporting
  • ...

The law is changing all the time, and the impact of international law often has a major impact, even if your company is only present locally in Belgium. This complexity and the constantly changing rules in this specialist field mean that you need VAT advice specifically tailored to your company.

Our key strengths are our extensive experience and knowledge of VAT and our understanding of your industry and organisation. Our team of experienced VAT specialists can support you in whatever way suits your company best:

  • Advice & training
  • Quick scans
  • VAT due diligence
  • VAT audits and assistance with inspections
  • Audit and risk management
  • Implementation of VAT codes in your booking system
  • Optimisations (VAT units, property structuring, independent groups of persons, etc.)

As well as advice, we also offer assistance and support with carrying out the many VAT formalities. And if the tax authorities want to review your VAT situation, you can count on us for assistance in connection with the inspection activities and, where applicable, the appeal procedure.