Does your company need a 100% committed 'specialised' generalist who really knows the ins and outs of your company? Someone who thinks from your business perspective and provides pragmatic legal support by knowing your business strategy, operations and business specifics?

We can answer this need with 'Legal Counsel as a Service'.

What makes this service unique?

  • We offer fast, reliable and innovative legal solutions for your complex business challenges.
  • We are more than a classic legal expert. We are trusted advisors and we think along from a business perspective.
  • Our legal experts are supported by a team of legal experts, each with their own specialisation, and by more than 175 multidisciplinary experts.
  • Continuity of service is guaranteed in a 'war for talent climate'.
  • Flexibility and transparency are our 2 core values.

We do not provide manpower but offer a service. Holidays, long-term absence or leave of a legal counsel are no longer a risk.

Want to know more about Legal Counsel as a Service?

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