Legal support unlocks your potential for growth, during key moments and daily operations

Running your business on a day-to-day basis often has legal consequences. Not only key moments such as take-overs, shares transactions and mergers require legal support, but also your organisation’s daily operations. This is why our legal advisers are equipped to provide you with advice in many fields, both at a national and at an international level. They develop an understanding about your organisation’s activities and development plans. This allows them to offer you up-to-date, relevant advice supporting your business.

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Your organisation evolves, constantly: from its foundation and onwards. Our legal consultants can support you in all stages of your business’ lifecycle. We will assist you through all corporate legal formalities, ensuring a perfectly streamlined process. At Grant Thornton we understand that you need an all-round adviser for this, who can support you with formalities, update you on developments in legislation that may affect your business and advise you on how to react. Our team offers this proactive advice in any stage of your growth process.


Rent & lease contracts, management and service provision agreements, shareholder meetings, production and licence contracts, trading and distribution agreements, franchise agreements, contracts for property transactions & intellectual property rights, … Contractual agreements are an important part of your daily operations.

Sound agreements with your stakeholders are the foundation of good business & closing business deals always boils down to concluding an agreement. At Grant Thornton we understand the importance of a clear and legally enforceable contract. It is a guideline for the contract parties’ relationship, offering solutions during the duration of the agreement and guidelines on terms of its ending.

Our experts understand this and write clear and balanced contracts, converting the parties’ intentions into clear legal language. At your request, we can also screen your contract proposals on legal risks and propose amendments. We make sure that your contracts represent your interests, at the beginning of the agreement and throughout its term.