In order to recruit and keep the best talent, it’s essential to be able to offer optimised and competitive salary packages.

Grant Thornton helps you build attractive packages adapted to your business and to the profile and level of experience of your employees. Our services are based on various specialisms: a global policy with competitive pay components requires a sound legal basis, a critical eye for tax implications, and the ability to take account of the different parties’ wishes and current developments.

Our services include:

  • Split payrolls
  • Legal points relating to the hiring and compensation of directors, managers and employees
  • Benefits in kind (cars, mobile phones, laptops, housing, etc.)
  • Benefits (ecocheques, gift vouchers, etc.)
  • Employer’s expenses, allowances for travel expenses, etc.
  • Support with the preparation / auditing / revision of employment contracts and associated policy documents (car policy, international secondments policy, etc.), and with actual implementation
  • Screening for sensible salary optimisations for tax and social security reasons (fixed and variable remuneration components)
  • Development of systems to enhance employee engagement (stock options, warrant plans, profit participation, non-recurring result-based bonuses, other forms of management participation and/or profit-sharing)
  • Extra-statutory pension planning