Both strategically planned and ad hoc opportunities can cause companies to make acquisitions, divestments, joint ventures, alliances, ...

Our independent advisors can guide you through this process. And this as soon as a possible transaction is identified. They always look at the different phases (valuation, due diligence, structuring) from different perspectives: legislation, taxation, ... and provide you with the appropriate information you need to take the next step.

Our teams understand your company and offer you the right service at the right time. Our approach is based on looking at your organisation from all angles during the different stages of its growth. Although our experts work according to a tested process to provide you with advice, they understand that a company is not static. They work proactively and support you in your evolution with tailored advice when you need it.

Mergers & acquisitions


For organisations involved in a transaction, dispute, merger, acquisition or restructuring, the value of the company involved and its assets will be an important commercial consideration. A clear and thoughtful view of the respective value is therefore essential in such situations.

Due diligence

Due diligence identifies risks and examines potential financial, tax, legal or operational pitfalls. We offer robust due diligence services, clearly tailored to our clients' requirements.

Independent trusted advice

Do you want to sell your business or rather grow it through an acquisition?

Corporate reorganisations

Redesigning your group structure can mean significant cost savings and/or efficiency improvements. The restructuring provisions of the Companies and Associations Code (merger, demerger, contribution or transfer of branch of activity, etc.) provide you with the legal means to achieve this.

Legal support

Mergers and acquisitions represent a challenge for dynamic organisations. As a manager or entrepreneur, you want to look at this challenge from all sides to obtain the best conditions. That is why our professionals work on the basis of integral process management during merger, sale or acquisition processes.

Steven Pazen
Partner, Transaction Advisory Services
Steven Pazen