Investigate your opportunities and risks and be confident of the results of your acquisition.

Taking over a company means taking risks. It is important you are aware of all risks and opportuities an acquisition entails. Our due diligence process investigates all risks and opportunities of your plans and offers you with sustainable advice on the transaction you are considering. Due diligence helps you to make your decision, informing you of all the facts.


Independent due diligence in the interest of both the buyer and seller. The selling party complies with mandatory disclosure of essential facts. The buying party complies with mandatory due diligence. Due diligence also assesses the usefulness and reliability of the information provided. This audit says something about substantiation of assumptions and forecasts, providing an inventory of your opportunities, risks and added value.

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Due diligence reports

Eventually, do you decide to make an asset deal or buy shares? We offer our recommendations to help you choose the most appropriate take-over structure and settlement mechanisms. In addition, the due diligence report can also be used as an accountability instrument towards financial bodies and loan providers.

Our findings are presented in a clear, transparent and to-the-point report with an executive summary. The report can subsequently lead to reviewing the take-over price.