Ensure your VAT position is optimized and compliant

As an entrepreneur within the EU (and often outside the EU, too) you will be confronted with EU tax rules. Cross-border tax forms, registrations or settlements require specialist knowledge. To allow your business to grow, you need up-to-date knowledge enabling you to optimise your VAT situation and adapt it to the dynamics of the national and international rules and regulations.

Our VAT specialists help you understand this complexity. As part of an international network, Grant Thornton VAT specialists collaborate on specific cases and share best practices. This way our experts are always up to date on the latest developments and are better equipped to help you with your specific situation.

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Our dedicated international compliance team makes an assessment of your VAT obligations and issues advice on the most appropriate VAT registration. They can help you check accounts and review and submit VAT tax bills. In an international context, we can become tax representatives of international companies, apply for permits and VAT numbers, set up or assist in international VAT structures or optimise them, consult with accounting, issue recovery applications, submitting VAT forms,... We can even take on a coordinating role, becoming your single point of contact, coordinating all foreign VAT liabilities and ensuring optimal alignment between various national VAT schemes.