Connecting ESG & sustainability with compliance: one-stop shop to create impact

In a world where ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance), sustainability, impact and corporate social responsibility are becoming increasingly important, companies are wondering how to deal with them effectively. With the new CSRD (Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive, EU) and the ESRS (European Sustainability Reporting Standards, EU) there will be a legal obligation for large, and later on also medium-sized companies to report non-financial sustainability information. Companies that do not (yet) have to comply with these reporting obligations will feel pressure from other angles to embrace these topics; think of your customers, suppliers, financing partners, employees, and other relevant stakeholders

Beyond impact and compliance, our sustainability journey brings numerous potential benefits that enable a company to realize its sustainability ambitions and enhance a company's market reputation and credit-worthiness:

  • it is the perfect opportunity to make your business strategy resilient and ‘future-proof’
  • creating clear dialogue with stakeholders to gain insights into their expectations
  • strengthening trust with customers and suppliers
  • access to funding, grants and investors
  • transparent reporting on targets and achievements
  • mitigate and reduce e.g. climate and social risks or suspicions of greenwashing
  • ... and many other benefits.


How Grant Thornton can help you 

Grant Thornton's Sustainability team is ready to guide companies along their "ESG journey”. We take a proven approach that takes into account your company's size, sector, stakeholders, structure and maturity. Together, we define your needs and ambition level.  We can help you with: 

Advising on ESG and sustainability

We provide support in developing a sustainability strategy and reporting including identifying stakeholders, analyzing ESG risks, prioritizing opportunities and actions and connecting these efforts to the company's processes. We ensure that the right metrics are selected, and that data is captured and reported correctly. This way, your sustainability reporting will contain the right insights and will easily pass a compliance or assurance test (e.g. CSRD and ESRS obligations). 

Internal audit or readiness check on ESG and sustainability

We deliver an opinion on your sustainability processes and reporting activities by means of an internal audit, during which we examine your documentation, verify roles and responsibilities, analyze monitoring activities and control measures. This allows us to form an opinion about the design and effectiveness of your sustainability process and reporting activities. This audit can also focus on specific topics, for example: corporate governance, integrity management, risk and compliance management, diversity & inclusion, gender equality, energy management, circularity...

Due diligence ESG scan (mergers, acquisitions & valuations)

We integrate an ESG scan into the due diligence process that precedes an acquisition or capital transaction. This can take the form of a quick scan or a more in-depth analysis. We can clearly identify the maturity, risks and opportunities of the target in terms of ESG.

Sustainability reporting assurance

Our auditors are ready to provide an opinion on your sustainability report (limited and reasonable assurance) and its underpinnings of processes, policies, information sources, facts, calculation methods, and verifiable resulting metrics.

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