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Put sustainability high on your agenda

Sustainability, impact and corporate social responsibility: a number of organizations are already doing 'something' with this. In time, this group will grow thanks to several influences, including the new CSRD (Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive, EU) coming our way. Not only external parties, such as banks, investors, customers and suppliers, but also internal employees, directors and shareholders will set expectations. Responding to this in time - seeing it as an opportunity - and then taking the right actions is the key message.

But this quickly raises some questions: how do I really make sustainability part of my strategy? How do I realise valuable impact? How do I get a grip on climate-related risks and opportunities? How do I report clearly on sustainability performance and social value to my various stakeholders?

Global impact

Grant Thornton in Belgium is part of the international Grant Thornton  network within which a Sustainability Centre of Excellence operates. This is a 'community of practice' in which all dedicated sustainability and impact experts from the Grant Thornton network are united. Within this network, best practices are developed and shared to ensure a qualitative service offering. Through our extensive network, we can also serve your organisation globally.

How Grant Thornton Belgium can help you

Our Sustainability team is ready to help you with your challenges and to guide you through the ESG journey (Environmental, Social and Governance), and this from the first steps such as identifying your stakeholders, defining your risks and opportunities to developing your strategy, implementation and reporting. We present an approach tailored to your organization, taking into account the industry, stakeholders, your structure and maturity. In doing so, we use our 'ESG journey' as a guide:


We can assist you in various ways, depending on your sustainability goals and ambitions we can play a customized role. We are happy to brainstorm and discuss what the most appropriate and effective approach is for your organization.

Specifically, we offer the following services:

  • Guidance in taking your first steps in the ESG journey

We support you in finding the right approach for your organization. Together, we identify your stakeholders, analyze your ESG risks and assist you in prioritizing opportunities and actions. In doing so, we also make the link to your strategy and processes. We ensure that these efforts result in valuable and future-proof sustainability reporting for your organization and stakeholders.

  • Impact measurement and data solutions

We advise you on selecting the right KPIs and a good data strategy. With efficient tools, we help you not only measure but also analyze results and progress.

  • Developing your sustainability strategy

A strategy gives direction to your sustainability ambitions. Is your organization going for zero waste, inclusiveness or a fair production chain? With our sustainability strategies, you align your short-term actions with your long-term vision through well-defined ambitions, clear goals and a clear roadmap so that everyone in the organization knows how to contribute to this.

  • Assurance or readiness on sustainability processes and reporting

We are experts in carrying out an internal audit on your sustainability processes and reporting activities, during which we examine your documentation, verify roles and responsibilities, analyze monitoring activities and control measures, and so on. That way, we can give an opinion on the design and effectiveness of your sustainability process and reporting activities.

  • Topic-based audit

ESG covers many topics, some of which will be important to your organization, which you have already addressed and through which your organization realizes 'impact'. Think of corporate governance, integrity management, risk and compliance management, diversity & inclusion, gender equality, energy management,... By carrying out an audit, we examine how mature and robust the internal organization and control system for the selected theme is and where there are still opportunities for improvement. In this way, you gain more certainty and your organization can demonstrate that continuous improvement is also high on your agenda.

  • ESG scan as part of a Due Diligence process (mergers, acquisitions & valuations)

When determining the value and future profitability of an organization, sustainability and ESG elements can no longer be ignored. These elements are already high on the agenda of banks providing acquisition finance and investors in equity transactions. We integrate an ESG scan into the due diligence process that precedes an acquisition or capital transaction. This can take the form of a quick scan or a more in-depth analysis.


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