Support your business transactions, mergers and acquisitions with sound legal agreements

Mergers and acquisitions are challenging times for your organisation. As a manager or entrepreneur, you need to look at this situation from every angle to ensure optimal conditions and terms of the transaction. To ensure the best outcome, our legal advisers work based on an integral process management method in merger, sale or take-over processes.

This means that they are intensively involved from the first crucial information phase through closing management, when the deal is actually closed. We will sit next to you at the negotiation table, actively collaborating in the development of the transaction, with all its legal facets.

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Tax & Legal

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Due diligence audit

Grant Thornton can perform a thorough and complete legal review of any target company. We will provide a clear report, detecting any legal risks. We can also offer an all-in due diligence audit in collaboration with our tax experts, auditors and transaction advisory department.

Reorganisation of corporate structures

Redesigning your group structure can result in a significant cost reduction and/or efficiency improvement. Restructuring companies as set out in the Belgian Civil Code (mergers, demergers, integration or transfer of companies etc.) will allow you the legal means to do so. Our legal advisers are experts in this procedure and guide you through the various steps.