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Grant Thornton moves its Ghent offices for growth, sustainability and flexibility

Grant Thornton opens the doors of its new offices in Ghent and is one of the first companies to move into the Loop5 complex, located on the Amelia Earhartlaan in Sint-Denijs-Westrem. The new location reflects Grant Thornton's vision and the growth that the team is experiencing, both in its customer base and workforce. Earlier this month they also opened a new office in Liège.

A growing team and customer base

In recent years, Grant Thornton's Ghent branch has continued to grow into an essential partner for companies in East and West Flanders. After four years, they are therefore exchanging the current office in Schoonzichtstraat for a new location on the other side of the E40 highway, a stone's throw from Flanders Expo. From there they take a fresh start, one that offers room for further development and growth.

'Our audit and accountancy teams in particular have become too large over the past four years for the currently available number of workplaces. In addition, we urgently needed additional facilities, such as meeting rooms and locations for events," says Elie Janssens, partner at Grant Thornton.

Flexibility in every sense of the word

To support this expansion, further reinforcements will join the team. 'The current team consists of 23 people. In principle, the new location has room for around 50 employees. We assume an average occupancy of 60%, due to the work-from-home arrangement and the fact that our experts more than regularly spend time at their clients’ premises," says Janssens. 'We have access to shared meeting rooms that match our capacity and, together with the other companies in the complex, we have access to event locations for larger meetings.'

'We once again opted for an office on the outskirts of Ghent. That is why we noticed Loop5, near the Ghent ring road, the E17 and the E40. Moreover, the location is easily accessible by public transport. It is a flexible working environment that is stimulating and enriching. In addition, it is a 100% sustainable new construction project, from concept to delivery," adds Valérie Rivière, director at Grant Thornton. 'At Loop5 we find more than just an office building: it is a real office district where people live as well as work. We are convinced that that sense of community will also flow through our new workplace.'

Reflecting the identity

“I am obviously very enthusiastic about this new location,” explains Leslie Van den Branden, Managing Partner of Grant Thornton Belgium. 'This step is essential for the further expansion of our organisation in the region. This new base fully reflects what Grant Thornton wants to mean for its employees and customers: a flexible and easily accessible full-service partner with an eye for sustainability and well-being.'

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