Statutory & contractual audits, from compliance reporting to a powerful management tool

You are financially accountable, for example to shareholders and other stakeholders. Your financial information has to be reliable to report to shareholders, investors, institutional investors, tax authorities, social interest groups etc. Adequately and professionally auditing your financial statements, especially for statements to third parties, is of the utmost importance. Additionally, you want to use your financial reporting to evaluate your performance: how are you realizing your goals and how can you mitigate your risk ?

It does not matter if your business is a SME or a large international corporation, you want the figures you use in your decision making process to represent an accurate, unbiased appraisal of your organization. Our teams provide just that. 

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No matter the scope of your audit:

  • a complete audit for statutory or regulatory reasons, your organization is required to file its annual and periodic financial information
  •  an audit in function of your plans to grow your business, an independent evaluation of your corporate governance structure
  • an objective test of the accuracy and compliance of your reporting methods and financial statements
  • a review of the compliance of your international business reporting
  • etc.  

Our team of experts will guide you and help you identify your strengths and weaknesses. In turn, they help you to position your business for success.  Grant Thornton audit teams look at each assurance project individually and make sure our reports capture the complexity of your specific business, making them a true management tool. This approach results in a true and fair view of your financial position and meaningful advice on how you can improve efficiency, effectiveness and compliance of your governance structure.