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Belgian labour and social security legislation is a maze of schemes and regulations that employers tend to get lost in. Our legal experts issue advice and assist you, from the employee joining the company until leaving the company due to termination, retirement etc.

Help Desk International employees

When a foreign employee is stationed in Belgium, you will be confronted with many issues.

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As a foreign employer, you may not have complete knowledge of the Belgian rules. Your employee will also have many questions. We will issue advice on the social and tax implications of stationing the employee in a different country, both for you and the employee. We can assist you in fulfilling the required formalities and starting up your Belgian payroll.

Stationing Belgian employees abroad

Vice versa, if you second your employee outside Belgium as a Belgian employer or if your employee should be stationed in more than one country at the same time, you may have many questions. Grant Thornton can issue advice on the Belgian consequences of international deployment and the formalities involved. If required, we can involve a Grant Thornton office in the relevant country or countries.