Add value to your business by efficiently supporting your stakeholder communication

Your organisation is accountable towards many stakeholders: shareholders, board members, management and many more. Needless to say that expert support to fulfill all reporting requirements can mean added value to your business. 

Our legal experts are specialised in issuing advice to all corporate stakeholders within Belgian companies, associations and other legal entities. This mainly includes advice to shareholders and partners, but also to Executive and Supervisory Board members and managers.

We specifically focus on issuing advice and assisting in restructuring the internal relations within the legal entities (by means of shareholder meetings, by-laws, executive agreements), but also regarding external relations (risks and liability of shareholders and executives/managers towards trade partners, authorities etc.).

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In addition, we issue advice on structuring the way in which the various stakeholders participate in the operational performance of the company or legal entity and the way in which companies are structured within a group and how they interact.

In collaboration with our social and legal consultants, we also offer specialist advice in the field of management, service provision and outsourcing contracts.