Helping dynamic organisations manage their VAT.

Indirect tax is a specific subject. Because VAT is very much linked to your operations, accounting systems and reporting, it is very important to manage VAT aspects within your company. Legislation changes constantly and international law is bound to have an impact, even if your business is a local one. This complexity and continuously changing rules in the field, require tailored-VAT advice to support the specific nature of your business.   

This requires a high level of experience, knowledge and insight of indirect tax, but also of your industry and organisation. Our team of full-time VAT specialists can assist you in various fields, ranging from advice and risk control to implementation and optimisation. As companies need advice as well as assistance and support, we execute and assist in fulfilling the  necessary formalities and apply for permits.

Our services range from advice & trainings, to audit and appeal assistance, quick scans, implementation of VAT codes in your booking system, electronic invoicing, optimisations, preparing and checking VAT forms and obligations.

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