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Grant Thornton health care sector expertise explained

Healthcare is a rapidly changing sector. Providers and commissioners of healthcare face the challenges of rising public expectations, mergers and acquisitions, government influence, changes in funding, social security, an ageing population, advances in medical technology and a continuing drive to achieve greater efficiency in the delivery of their services to patient as well as internal logistics, …

Our teams understand the sector and with our range of financial advisory and consultancy services, we are able to advise our clients on the issues that their organisations are facing. We offer practical solutions, in support of key issues our clients are facing & their strategic goals. With an in-depth understanding of the sector and a comprehensive range of advisory services, we are able to advise on the key issues healthcare organisations are facing.

Our team is made up of highly experienced professionals who have a thorough understanding of the dynamics of the healthcare sector and who recognize that our clients require our service to be delivered on time and on budget. We listen to our clients, work with you in an open and flexible manner, develop innovative solutions and help implement them.