IFRS reporting, an integral part of doing business today.

IFRS reporting has become an integral part of doing business. International businesses are often faced with the challenges of different legislation in different countries. It’s often hard to keep track of the developments in national legislation, and, at the same time, have a thorough knowledge of IFRS legislation.

Applying International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) can be complicated, and is very often thought of as a requirement for large international groups. However, IFRS is gradually becoming more than the accounting base for listed companies.

For larger holdings with group companies in more than one country, IFRS offers common valuation principles, simplifying consolidation at holding level.

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For a smaller SME, adopting IFRS may also be a part of their reporting requirements. Our IFRS experts can chart the difference between annual accounts based on local legislation compared with IFRS. Based on a thorough analysis they outline how you can transfer from local reporting standards to IFRS.

In addition, we can calculate the impact on the figures in both current and future annual accounts and offer assistance in updating your internal reporting systems as well as redesign the ledger. We can even fully prepare your annual accounts based on IFRS.