Find out more about our Audit & Assurance tools and methodology

Your stakeholders expect transparency, risk control and verifiability from your organization. Our audit process and our reporting will provide you with that and more. Our approach goes beyond delivering a certified audit report to support you with certainty on the financial statements and their compliance. 

As your trusted adviser we also offer you advice on any risks we may detect during the audit. Because we understand that your business and invest in getting to know your organization’s strategy and its objectives, assessing risks and their consequences are an integral part of our approach. We don’t just point out the risks, but offer meaningful recommendations on how you can address them and continue to grow your business.

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The tools and procedures that we use are designed to deliver these results. All Grant Thornton International member firms apply the Horizon methodology using Voyager, a revolutionary paperless audit designed software for assisting audit teams in the identification of financial statement risks and linkage to the processes and internal controls established to address those risks. Voyager also assists audit teams in documenting, evaluating and testing internal controls.

This enables our audit teams to tailor an audit response that is appropriate to the assessed risks. Voyager also generates audit programmes for 16 different industries that are customised for individual client situations and focused on your financial statement risk areas.

Features of Horizon audit approach

  • partner-led service
  • internal financial controls assessment resulting in practical advice on how they can be strengthened
  • focus on understanding the important transaction cycles affecting your business
  • advanced auditing techniques tailored to the way you do your business – whatever the size of your company and wherever you operate
  • a high quality level of service around the world