After a successful launch event in Brussels in July 2022, we are delighted to invite you to embark on the ESG journey, by joining "the ESG Countdown" community, an initiative in collaboration with CONNECTS and BECI Brussels Chamber of Commerce.

Webinar series

The ESG Journey consists of a series of 10 webinars which will help to prepare you and your organisation for an ESG (Environmental - Social - Governance) or sustainable future.

The webinars will take you along a learning journey that will identify a number of critical steps, from the very start and all the way forward to prepare an organisation's first sustainability reporting. For every milestone along the journey, the CONNECTS platform will host a monthly webinar containing a practical mix of theory, tips, testimonials, insights from Grant Thornton, BECI and many other experts inside the ESG Countdown Community that you can join here (free of charge).                  

Becoming a member of this community and engaging in this programme will help develop and implement strategies and actions to improve your organisation's impact in terms of ESG and give you access to the community with expert advice and know-how from different sectors, future events, materials and recordings.

Did you miss the start of these webinars? Don’t worry, you can re-watch them afterwards and you can read a summary of every webinar shortly after the webinar took place.


20/09/2022 ESG Countdown – starting the journey

Get a first insight in how the ESG journey works, what milestones are best practice? What are the benefits of starting your ESG journey? Get inspired and insights from different perspectives such as governmental, financial services industry and technical specialists.
Did you miss it? You can re-watch it by joining the ESG Countdown Community or reading this summary.

• 18/10/2022 Raise awareness: get your Board and employees on board!

It’s all about governance! Do I put sustainability in the purpose of my organisation? Can every organisation do this? Which setup is best suited to my organisation? Do I need to appoint a sustainability manager? How do I ensure that both my Board of Directors and my staff are on board?

• 29/11/2022 Get your stakeholders involved!

What’s a stakeholder? Which parties ideally have a voice in the sustainability narrative? How can I obtain their insights and which take precedence?

• 20/12/2022 Deep dive in Environmental materiality
• 17/01/2023 Deep dive in Social materiality
• 14/02/2023 Deep dive in Governance materiality

Which sustainability risks and opportunities are important for my organisation and what material consequences do my activities have for people and the environment? How do I ensure that I apply the ‘double materiality’ principle? What is my playing field? Worldwide or regional? For each letter in ESG we’ll organize a dedicated session to ‘deep dive’ in the materiality and to learn which projects or actions are most common.

• 21/3/2023 How to prioritize your actions?

How do I make sure we put the emphasis in the right places? When do I draw up a GAP analysis? How do I draw up my action plan? 

Build a strategy and ensure process integration!

All about strategy and changing business models. How do I ensure that the strategy is implemented throughout the entire organisation? How do I ensure that this is integrated into daily practices, policies and decision-making processes?

• 18/4/2023 Measure and keep track!

All about tools & data analysis: Which tools are most helpful for my organisation when setting and measuring KPIs? How many KPIs do I have to monitor? How focused should my targets be?

Develop your sustainability reporting!

Which reporting framework is best suited to my organisation and activity? How can I report forward-looking information? Developing a sustainability reporting is a recurring process!


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  • Organised by CONNECTS, Grant Thornton and BECI
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