After a successful launch event in Brussels in July, we are delighted to invite you to embark on the ESG Journey, "the ESG Countdown", an initiative in collaboration with CONNECTS and BECI Brussels Chamber of Commerce.


The ESG Journey consists of a series of 10 webinars which will help to prepare you and your organisation for an ESG (Environmental - Social - Governance) future. 


To kick off the ESG Countdown, our first event will be 'Starting the Journey' on 20 September, 15h00-16h30. 

The event will feature a keynote address from Barbara Trachte, Secretary of State of the Brussels-Capital Region, responsible for Economic Transition and Scientific Research, with contributions from Dr. Deep Parekh (Global Ecosystem Catalyst, MakeOurFuture ), Grant Thornton and other speakers sharing their experiences.

Webinar series

This is the first event in a learning journey that will identify a number of critical steps, from the very start and all the way forward to prepare an organisation's first sustainability reporting. For every milestone along the journey, the CONNECTS platform will host a monthly webinar containing a practical mix of theory, tips, testimonials, insights from Grant Thornton, BECI and many other experts inside the ESG Countdown Community that you can join here.                  

Becoming a member of this community and engaging in this programme will help develop and implement strategies and actions to improve your organisation's impact in terms of ESG and give you access to the community with expert advice and know-how from different sectors, future events, materials and recordings.



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  • Organised by CONNECTS, Grant Thornton and BECI
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